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Arnica Oil Benefits

What is Arnica Oil?

Derived from the flowers and roots of the arnica plant, this oil is a well-respected traditional medicine. The arnica plant is part of the same family of flowers as is the daisy, and it is native to certain parts of Europe and Siberia. It is also cultivated in mountain regions at altitudes of over 3,000 feet above sea level in North America. The species most commonly used to produce oils and herbal medicines is the variety known as Arnica montana.

Common Uses of Arnica Oil

The topical usage of arnica can yield many health benefits, but caution must be used when using a concentrated oil. Care should be taken to dilute this potent medicine properly in order to avoid irritation or other adverse effects. This oil should never be used on or near broken skin. Arnica oil is most commonly used for:

Reducing inflammation and swelling

Pain relief

Immune system support

Benefits of Using Arnica Oil

Anybody who experiences chronic muscle pain can benefit from the topical application of this oil. Also, people such as athletes or fitness enthusiasts can use it to treat acute sprains or other discomfort related to over-exertion. Other conditions that may improve from the application of arnica oil include:

Rheumatic pain, such as arthritis

Muscle spams

Irritation from insect stings

Certain skin conditions


Overall, arnica is a safe and effective topical treatment for pain. As with any medication, caution should be taken to ensure proper dosage. If any unusual side effects are noted, usage should be stopped immediately and a medical professional should be contacted.