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4 Amazing Skincare Benefits of Aloe Vera

The first known uses of the aloe vera plant date back almost six thousand years to ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians considered nourishing aloe juice a sacred element. It was known as the plant of eternity, lauded for its anti-inflammatory effects, and beloved by queens like Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

The aloe vera plant originated in the Arabian desert, where conditions are hot and dry. As a succulent, aloe vera holds onto water, and can survive for up to seven years without rain. The gel inside aloe’s juicy, green limbs is used in supplements, beverages, and of course, beauty products.

vitamin c skin care beauty benefits

Vitamin C Skin Benefits

When it comes to the vitamin that offers up the greatest body benefits, the one named “C” arguably takes the crown. And it’s not just your insides that are BFFs with vitamin C: this nutrient can also help transform the appearance of your skin.

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Amazing Benefits Of Honey On Your Skin You Have Not Heard Before

Raw or unpasteurized honey has a myriad of beauty benefits when used on your skin. For ages, the delicious golden fluid has been part of our day to day life offering both medicinal and dietary options. Rich in antioxidants & flavonoids, honey has many uses in relation to our general health while its antibacterial properties make it good for our skin.

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St. John's Wort: Not Just for Depression

Stumbling upon a field of wildly growing St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is like discovering a ray of Earth-bound sunshine. Profuse bright, happy yellow flowers hint at this plant’s well-known use for soothing those suffering from depression. Yet, those cheery flowers hold many more herbal actions and uses within than most of us are familiar with! The traditional uses and benefits of St. John’s are numerous – this plant really is not just for depression! In fact St. John’s wort is known among herbalists as a wonderful herb for supporting and soothing the body in numerous ways! uses cookies to improve the user experience under valid EU legislation. Cookies are necessary files to facilitate specific functions of our site, as they ensure its smooth and uninterrupted operation. (as provided by the law and in accordance with all procedure) informs the visitors of this website whether or not they accept cookies right when they enter

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