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esthique natural cosmetics dermatologically tested natural cosmetics handmade made in greece certified

At Esthique Natural Cosmetics we aim to offer the highest quality natural cosmetic care, beauty and wellbeing products. Our main goal is for all their natural ingredients to be pure, skin friendly, as well as certified. This way, we are sure that our natural products can be used for skin and body care with absolute safety, offering all their beneficial qualities.

dermatologically tested natural cosmetics handmade greek certified
Moving to this direction, we have subjected our natural cosmetics to complete dermatological tests. In this way, we ensure that our natural cosmetics will not react negatively nor cause any unwanted reactions on the skin. On the contrary, their wonderful aroma, their sense of cleanliness, the silky texture they leave on the skin and their wonderful combinations will make you love them.

cpnp notification dermatologically tested natural cosmetics handmade greek certified

At the same time, our natural cosmetics carry the European certification-notification CPNP. The European CPNP system (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) lists all the natural products that circulate legally in the European Union, offers full information for their ingredients, their composition and about the company that produces them. Cosmetics products that circulate without the necessary certifications, most of the time do not undergo any testing and therefore may contain ingredients that have been banned, increasing the chance that they may cause dermatological reactions and harm the health of the skin.

The organic olive oil we use is the prime ingredient of all of our natural cosmetics. It is the multi awarded cold extracted olive oil that is produced by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms. It has been awarded at the biggest international competitions for its high quality and is regarded to be one of the top organic olive oils of Greece. Olive oil is known for centuries for its unique contribution to beauty and care. It offers the most natural, organic, pure and wonderful base in which we create our natural cosmetics.

dermatologically tested δερματολογικά ελεγμένα φυσικά καλλυντικά επιδερμίδα ομορφιά εοφSimultaneously, our natural cosmetics carry the notification from the Greek National Organization for Medicines (EOF 77634/01-11-2012,77635/01-11-2012).

In these ways, we ensure that the Greek, natural cosmetics by Esthique Natural Cosmetics carry all the legal certifications – notifications of circulation and are absolutely safe for your skin care. We invite you to try them and discover why they are considered to be a «small treasure of beauty».

Esthique Natural Cosmetics Notifications
CPNP Notification:
European Regulation no. 1223/2009 as amended and valid since 11/07/2013
CPNP Ref. No. : 1829628, 1829659 ,1829625, 1829668, 1829616, 1829621, 1829653, 1829644, 1829629, 1829626, 1829605