Esthique Natural Cosmetics - Logo

Esthique flower of life logo

Esthique Natural Cosmetics logo is a depiction of the Flower of Life.

The flower of life as a symbol is created only by circles and is the formal European registered logo for the Greek natural cosmetics company, Esthique Natural Cosmetics.

The color depiction of the logo is the color pantone radiant orchid, which is the color that symbolizes peace, serenity and subconsciously portrays that it is time to take care of ourselves.

The fact that the flower of life is composed only of circles is justified by the circular shape of atoms, cells, seeds, planets, solar systems and their cosmological reference. Some scientists argue that the shape of the flower of life captures the primary process of formation of a fetus when the fertilized egg is divided.

If we look back at Plato's Timaeus, 32-35, we read that the most perfect of all shapes is the circle, which is why God gave this shape to the world. Thus, the world is uniform, smooth and every point has an equal distance to the center, as symmetrical.

The celestial dance of the planets is composed of harmonious movements between them towards each other and towards the whole, outlining circular and flexible shapes, symmetrical towards the center.

All these together with the combination of raw materials used as ingredients from nature, are the source of inspiration, creation and illustration of the official European logo of Esthique Natural Cosmetics, with European Trademark Number 014976914 / 28-04-2016 E.U. Registered.