Greek Natural Cosmetics 100% Made in Greece

made in greece dermatologically tested natural cosmetics handmade olive oilOur original idea for the authentic cosmetics of Esthique Natural Cosmetics came from Greek nature. Fruits, herbs, wild flora, unique species that flourish in our country, are the basis for exceptional products that science still studies. For most of these natural ingredients we are still discovering new, beneficial properties correlated to beauty and care, unknown so far. The wisdom of nature is our inspiration to create natural cosmetics.

One can say that the organic olive oil and the St. John’s Wort Oil are known in our country for centuries, but they still haven’t been studied fully. Their positive impacts on human health are countless and continuously growing. Their contribution to health is priceless, as well as in beauty and wellbeing.

This wonderful base started our 100% Greek natural cosmetic products. Precious oils, herbal extracts, combinations and aromas of Greek nature offer unique properties for beauty and care to our natural cosmetics which make them authentic. We remain loyal to this base, creating the natural cosmetics Esthique Natural Cosmetics with natural ingredients and organic olive oil exclusively in Greece, primarily with certified Greek raw materials and all the production processes taking place in our country.

This way, you will find a small piece of natural beauty care from Greece in each of our 100% Made in Greece natural cosmetics.

made in greece dermatologically tested natural cosmetics handmade olive oil esthique