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Our story
begins in 1992 with Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, a family owned farm with a rich tradition of producing premium quality organic extra virgin olive oil located at the foot of the Taygetus and Parnonas mountains in Sparta, Greece.

Our passion for producing our own organic olive oil combined with an increasing demand for new natural beauty products, with ingredients that are abundantly found on Greek land, led to the creation of a new venture in 2009.

wort oil beauty greek natural cosmetics handmade precious oilsOur vision from the beginning was to create something fresh and innovative, with a coherent proposal of re approaching traditional cosmetics, and raising the bar high regarding the quality of these products. That was a big challenge for us, and simultaneously our main goal. Our passion and our quality methods of production resulted in the creation of 100% Greek natural cosmetics of very high quality made with organic olive oil from our own Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, natural St. John’s Wort oil, precious oils and extracts.

Thus, the Greek natural cosmetic line with organic olive oil Esthique Natural Cosmetics was born, a natural cosmetic line which possesses all the European legal certifications of circulation and whose products have undergone complete dermatological testing.

We specialize in producing and offering natural and traditional products, made with organic olive oil for the daily skin care routine. The unique beneficial qualities of the organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, and the inclusion of this in our beauty recipes, was our source of inspiration and the driving force behind the creation of the handmade natural cosmetic line Esthique Natural Cosmetics.

wort oil wax cream balm beauty greek natural cosmetics handmade precious oilsWith recipes based on organic, cold pressed olive oil, extracts and precious aromatic oils, which promise to care for the beauty and health of your skin, just as nature would.

When organic olive oil is combined with other precious oils and natural extracts, natural products of high quality are produced, providing a valuable natural ally for our skin care routine. The study and research regarding the beneficial qualities and beneficial effects of the olive oil as well as all the natural oils and extracts (such as lavender, jasmine, rose, ylang -ylang, aloe, orange, honey ,milk, lemon, cinnamon, etc.), led our company to a total product line for face and body.

Esthique Natural Cosmetics philosophy combines luxury and finesse, being a true ally of face and body care, in timeless, completely natural notes of beauty with modern scientific care.

100% natural st saint johns wort oil