St johns wort oil naturally infused dermatologically tested

St. John's Wort Oil

St johns wort oil with organic olive oil hypericum perforatum hypericin depression ulcer sleep oil massage burns aromatherapy harvestedSt. John's Wort oil is a gift of nature, with many beneficial uses. It is produced by mixing the flowers of the wort (Hypericum Perforatum) with organic extra virgin olive oil. It has been used for over 2000 years and is said to have taken its name from its ability to heal the wounds of the ancient Spartans from swords after battles.

The fathers of Medical Science, Hippocrates and Dioscorides, prepared it and used it to heal patients. It was the remedy of the ancient Spartans, with which they healed their wounds after the battles, while it was suggested by the healers of the time to treat depression and stomach ulcers. In English it is called St John's wort oil because it usually blooms around June 24, the date of birth of John the Baptist. Recognized for its many properties, the well-known St. John's Wort oil has managed to remain a "necessary medicine" from ancient times until today.

St johns wort oil with organic olive oil hypericum perforatum hypericin natural 100

Traditionally, St. John's Wort oil is used for most skin problems as it has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps heal wounds and abrasions on elbows and heels, relieves irritation, itching, insect bites, bruises, light burns, skin diseases, inflammation and hemorrhoids.

St. John's Wort oil is also effective against sciatica, rheumatism and joint pains. Especially if used for massage, it can relieve us from cramps, colds and neuralgia. The healing properties of St. John's Wort oil promote the good physical condition of the skin, enhancing its elasticity and helping its pores.

The St. John's Wort oil with cold extracted organic olive oil is produced by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms exclusively for Esthique Natural Cosmetics..

The St. John's Wort oil is produced with the collection of naturally grown fresh St. John’s wort flowers (Hypericum Perforatum) at an altitude of 1200m in the mountainous regions of Lakonia, at a certain time of year, combined with our self-produced organic extra virgin olive oil, to be naturally infused - with minimal sunlight exposure to retain the natural ingredients of the organic olive oil – in a controlled low temperature (to avoid thermo - oxidation). These are our secrets for the production of natural Saint John’s wort oil with organic cold extracted olive oil. its top quality is also shown from the color difference our wort oil has compared to others. 

St johns wort oil with organic olive oil hypericum perforatum hypericin natural 100Our St. John's wort oil is subjected to natural sedimentation without any type of chemical or mechanical filtering or processing, with longer production periods compared to other wort oils. Natural St. John’s wort oil with organic olive oil from our farms, produced exclusively for Esthique Natural Cosmetics, is rich in hyperforin and hypericin, without being oxidized.

βαλσαμέλαιο βαλσαμόλαδο φυσικό σπαθόλαδο ή έλαιο υπερικού 100% φυσικόIn the final control of its top quality we conduct dermatological tests and allergens tests, in accredited laboratories, to ensure that our St. John’s wort oil is one of the top wort oils of Greek nature. The St. John’s Wort oil we produce is a 100% natural product. 

With its anti-inflammatory properties, it contributes positively to the treatment of muscle pains, rheumatic pains and joint pains, with a gentle massage on the problematic areas.

Our St. John’s Wort oil can also be used as a natural cosmetic for the care of both the skin of the face and the body. One of its many beneficial properties is the smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines due to either the signs of time or expressions.

St. John’s Wort oil is one of the most powerful weapons in traditional phytotherapy. It is considered to have a beneficial effect on both the body and the mind. It is one of the most important natural products. It is known to effectively treat dermatological problems, heal wounds and strengthen the immune system.

 A true treasure for your home’s pharmacy.

St johns wort oil with organic olive oil hypericin natural 100

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