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"Nausika" is known from Homer's Odyssey and according to mythology, she was a princess. She is described by Homer as young, beautiful and very cute, and Odysseus said that she looked like a goddess, especially like Artemis.

The "Nausika" beauty and care selection is a youth & beauty proposal that contains a wonderful package of natural cosmetics, made with pure ingredients and a lot of love from Esthique Natural Cosmetics.

It includes three (3) St. John’s wort oil wax creams with organic olive oil, natural beeswax and a combination of precious oils and extracts of rose, honey and apple.

For a complete treatment, the beauty package "Nausika" is accompanied by two (2) wonderful handmade natural soaps with organic olive oil, precious oils and extracts of rose and milk & honey.

"Nausika" as a symbol of youthful beauty, could not fail to include in the care of her selection the well-known St. John's wort oil, the beneficial remedy of the ancient Spartans.

Deeply cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin, giving it unique softness and radiance. Perfectly scent the whole body with wonderful aromas of nature, with natural cosmetics suitable for your daily care.