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Esthique Natural Cosmetics, by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms

Esthique Natural Cosmetics - 100% Greek natural cosmetics, made from organic olive oil, St. John’s wort oil, precious oils and natural extracts - have announced the launch of their new website.

According to the announcement, "the goal of Esthique Natural Cosmetics is to offer high quality natural cosmetics, which contribute to well-being, beauty and aesthetics.

The 100% Greek natural cosmetics of Esthique Natural Cosmetics were created with a lot of love for the environment and guided by the need to turn to nature for the care, treatment and protection of the face and body, with natural cosmetics that offer hydration and softness on the skin.

Our efforts aim to combine traditional knowledge and recipes with the methods and tools of modern technology and science. We use pure, natural ingredients that we control their quality and ensure their authenticity. The ingredients of personal hygiene and beauty used in our cosmetics are of natural origin and with a high percentage of organic raw materials ".

The story begins in 1992 with the organic olive groves of Sakellaropoulos and is directly related to the tradition and production of organic extra virgin olive oil at the foot of Taygetos and Parnonas, in Sparta, Laconia. The enthusiasm for the family production of organic olive oil, combined with the constant demand for new natural care and beauty products offered by the Greek land, have contributed to the creation of our new business venture since 2009.

"What we were sure of from the beginning was that we wanted to create something innovative and fresh, a coherent revision of the traditional natural handmade cosmetics, setting the bar very high in quality. This was a big challenge for us, but at the same time a clear goal.

Our passion for quality production enabled us to create 100% Greek natural cosmetics, with organic olive oil from the Sakellaropoulos olive groves , combined with natural St. John’s oil, which at the same time have all the European certificates of legal circulation. They have undergone complete dermatological tests, never tested on animals and free of known chemicals and preservatives such as parabens, gluten and much more. "

The philosophy of Esthique Natural Cosmetics combines luxury and finesse, being a true ally of everyday life, for the face and body, in timeless natural notes of care and beauty with modern scientific care.

Source: epixeiro.gr