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Handmade Natural Soaps with Organic Olive Oil Esthique - Review

Hello glamorous,

Flawless characteristics, winkle free skin, huge weight loss and other exaggerations that have come to the forefront the last few years through the media’s image of the perfect woman, are now in light of speculation. The healthy and well-groomed women are now in the spotlight and this adheres more to the everyday woman.

It is of no coincidence, after all, that many campaigns of well-known and large companies are based on the girl next door and not on models. It is certain that no woman can compete with the image of a perfect being (which, moreover, is not real, but emerges after several editing with modern means). Each of us, however, can make small but significant improvements in our appearance, not to look like someone else, but to bring out our best self.

Moreover, it is not necessary to make drastic changes in order to look prettier. It is sufficient to enhance your personal style. Shiny skin, healthy hair and natural make up are enough to improve your looks significantly.

In our effort to feel more beautiful and charming, we are led to the aid of Esthique Natural Cosmetics, which fills us with self-confidence with their natural products.


At the foot of the Taygetos and Parnonas mountain range, near the town of Sparta, Laconia, there we find the Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms. We know that nature has its “organic secrets” which it offers us generously. In the process of these product’s production, an excellent combination of tradition and technology aspired, while the collection of all these small “secrets” that are necessary for the final outcome resulted in a tribute to the olive tree.

At Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, for many years now, with research and specialized expertise, they “distilled” all these natural ingredients and “sealed” them in the proper packaging, rendering them the specialized and unique olive products. The cosmetic line Esthique uses olive oil for the prime raw material, without chemicals and preservatives, and is the best and purest way to learn nature’s beauty secrets.

The products which I tried were:


natural handmade organic olive oil soap 100 made in greece greek cosmetic rose ylang ylang

Over time, your face changes. The skin loses its firmness, especially in the expression zones. Internal and external attacks - ultraviolet radiation, stress, smoking, toxins - cause cell damage and accelerate aging. With age, cell repair and renewal capabilities decrease, leading to dryness and wrinkles. The main cause of relaxation is the loss of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen as well as the damage and dehydration due to sun exposure.
The best solution for slowing down aging is a well-protected skin. Often - especially young women – resort solely to a good make-up to look beautiful and forget, either because they are too tired or because additional products are required for use, the most important thing is to clean their face. Cleaning will provide them necessary youth, anti-aging and the best and easiest application of products.

A pure and soft soap, which is synonymous with gentle care and radiant cleanliness is the HANDMADE NATURAL SOAP WITH ROSE AND YLANG YLANG OIL (rose was loved since ancient time by many civilizations for beauty, while Greeks and Romans had given it godly background, giving it the form of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. After all, legend has it that the first rose was born from the goddess's tears for the loss of her beloved Adonis. Apart from its obvious beauty, however, this fragrant flower hides valuable ingredients, especially beneficial for the skin) .. with a sweet, sensual scent from YLANG-YLANG, which makes us happy. The ylang-ylang is especially useful in skin care, while its scent brings to the surface fiery passion .. It is especially uplifting and acts on depression and overstimulation.

The HANDMADE NATURAL SOAP WITH ROSE AND YLANG YLANG OIL - for soap lovers - is used for mild cleansing. It is enriched with rose petals and rose essential oil, ideal for relaxation and for mature and demanding skin. The combination of Rose and Olive Oil treats and nourishes the skin, leaving it hydrated and full of elasticity, just like an expensive Spa. Highly hypoallergenic, it naturally cleanses and rejuvenates our skin. A unique natural combination, suitable for all skin types.


natural handmade soap esthique cosmetics pomegranate rodi 4

Nothing is accidental in nature! Each fruit hides a symbolism. The pomegranate hides powerful red beads of longevity and beauty. It is a fruit that you need to look for in order to find it. To dig to extract it. And finally get it. This invaluable treasure immediately rewards you! There is no research that does not deify the pomegranate! In cosmetology, it has been used fanatically since ancient times as it does not only regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, making our wrinkles recede, but also prevents the impending aging - lightning fast! The battle against time with pomegranate as a weapon is certain and only we will find a winner!

A symbol of life and fertility, pomegranate is a source of valuable nutrients that provide health and well-being. It is the fruit that Pluto gives to Persephone to "tie" her with Hades and the emblem of the Eleusinian Mysteries. In Greek tradition, it is a symbol of fertility and eternity, which is why we break pomegranates at weddings and on New Year's Eve. Learn about the secrets of the pomegranate and find out why so many cultures and so many religions have the pomegranate as a symbol of fertility and good luck.

For really beautiful and glowing skin! The only suggestion is the HANDMADE NATURAL SOAP BAR WITH ORGANIC OLIVE OIL AND POMEGRANATE EXTRACT, for incredible cell renewal and hydration. It allows the skin to maintain its elasticity and corrects it.

It offers remarkable moisturizing and nourishing properties. Its moisturizing ability is a result of its excellent absorption by the skin, as well as its ability to bind water. These features promote the creation of a hygroscopic film on the stratum corneum of the skin! It is a soap for face and body for deep cleansing, hydration and radiance. It offers skin rejuvenation and smoothing of wrinkles.

That's what it is: 100% Greek handmade soap - and it's the best! It makes a very good foam and only the best ingredients are used for its creation: extra virgin olive oil, Pomegranate extract and a lot of love! Its scent is like a magical walk under the pomegranates of the Andalusian gardens. It is in a wonderful pomegranate color !!!



natural handmade soap with organic olive oil and orange oil 7

Many decades later, soaps are still considered the ideal solution for skin care. They continue to keep their promises, through a full range of personal care products that offer women substantial results for the unique and special needs of their beauty.

Olive oil soaps have been used for centuries to moisturize and nourish the skin, helping to tighten and tone it due to the natural antioxidants contained in olive oil. Natural olive oil soaps activate cell renewal by slowing the growth of wrinkles while softening the skin and relieving many skin conditions… Imagine just a mixture of olive oil and orange essential oils, caressing our skin and leaving it healthy, bright and very, very musky. So you really need something more than a bar of soap?

The HANDMADE NATURAL SOAP BAR WITH ORGANIC OLIVE OIL AND ORANGE OIL gives radiance and elasticity to the skin, detoxifies, and rejuvenates as it thoroughly cleanses the skin's pores. It reduces oiliness and gives a warm and sweet tone to the vibrant and fresh aroma of citrus fruits. The orange zest it contains enhances the aroma of the essential oils and their properties. You will find that it gently exfoliates the skin and its color is light orange and has a light and distinctive scent. It is ideal to stimulate and rejuvenate our skin.


natural handmade organic olive oil soap 100 made in greece greek cosmetic lavender cpnp 2

Where magic meets relaxation…

Make sure you clean your home regularly; otherwise your health is at risk. But do you do the same with your body and mind? How often do you throw away the "garbage" that has accumulated inside you and steals your energy, endangering both your physical and mental health? Chase away what weighs on your body and mind and give yourself energy and well-being to cope with a demanding daily life.

And the best way for the well-being and cleanliness of the body is the HANDMADE NATURAL SOAP BAR WITH ORGANIC OLIVE OIL AND LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL.

This soap is an ode to lavender, smells great and is ideal for treating stress, headaches, muscle aches, as well as dermatitis and inflammation. Olive oil and lavender soap is enriched with dried flowers and 100% pure lavender essential oil, which is known for its high content of tannins - ingredients with strong antiseptic properties. The use of lavender has a dual effect. It relaxes and "calms" the body and mind, dispelling stress, while at the same time providing "protection" to the skin, effectively contributing to the treatment of mild skin diseases (pimples, scratches, etc.).
Lavender has a wonderful aroma and its essential oil is first in preference and worldwide sales. Lavender and Olive Oil soap is one of the best natural moisturizing and skin care products…. It is a purple colored soap with the scent of fragrant lavender. It offers after a stressful and tiring day a natural aura in your body and small moments of luxury in your daily life. This soap is ideal for relaxation and wellness. It cleans very well, with rich foam and makes the skin softer.


natural handmade organic olive oil soap 100 made in greece greek cosmetic jasmine cpnp 5

It is a fact that low temperatures, humidity and wind can be hard on our skin. Severe winter weather dehydrates the skin extremely. Many times we fall into the trap of thinking that our skin needs more attention and care during the summer months. That’s a mistake! Hydration plays an equally important role in winter. The alternations of heat and cold make the need for skin care and care imperative. Winter can mean low temperatures, rain, north winds and snow, but it can also mean drought or prolonged sunshine. All of these climate changes affect the quality of the skin. It is important, therefore, to be able to adapt our skin care to the weather.

But can we keep our skin healthy and youthful or is dryness inevitable? And yet we can give our skin the care and ... the love it needs and deserves, using the HANDMADE NATURAL SOAP BAR WITH ORGANIC OLIVE OIL AND JASMIN OIL

Handmade natural soap with jasmine oil contained in the soap, offers the ideal treatment for dry, mature and sensitive skin. It gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving the body with a rich, sweet scent that relaxes the senses. Olive oil soap with jasmine oil is enriched with olive oil and has wonderful moisturizing properties, while its sweet and sensual aroma of jasmine will amaze you. Its moisturizing foam is beneficial for skin regeneration. It cleanses and nourishes deeply at the same time, giving silky softness to the skin. It is white with a strong, intoxicating scent that will impress you and fill you with beautiful thoughts and feelings.


We use all Esthique Natural Cosmetics soaps by wetting our hands well or using the sponge and some soap.
While you rub the soap, add a little more water to create a rich, creamy foam.

All soaps when used must be drained in a soap dish for longer life.

Many thanks to Esthique Natural Cosmetics for sponsoring the products.

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